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Nový školský rok je tu a s ním aj nová kolekcia LucyPug. Tento zošit obsahuje 54 strán, vďaka čomu máš dostatok miesta na prehľadné poznámky na každý predmet. Vďaka hrebeňovej väzbe si môžeš stranu kedykoľvek vytrhnúť a ak sa Ti náhodou voľné strany minú, môžeš ich doplniť špeciálnym papierom.



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The Lucy Design collection

Hello, I have arranged a new clothing collection for you guys, with my own and unique drawings. I've been trying to connect my two passions for a long time: The fashion and a graphic design. I was inspired by situations from my daily life. And of course by my beloved pugs! So here we are, you can find some brand new tees, hoodies or bags with some super cute figures along with funny titles.

Composition :

  • I care about our nature a lot and I love a sustainable fashion, so almost all my pieces are made of 100% eco-cotton with OCS certificate (95-100% of organic material)
  • Every piece of clothing has an internal label and patch that confirms its originality
  • For each T-shirt / Mikine we will give you a free gift
  • With each order you will receive a card with my signature.

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