About us

GoMerch is your reliable partner in the design, production and distribution of merchandise and promotional products for celebrities and businesses. In addition, we are also here for you as creative brand builders, opening up new economic opportunities and adding value to the market with original concepts you might never have considered on your own

“Merch means something different and unique to everyone. It helps build brand awareness, creates a deeper bond between creator and fan, or evokes a special memory. Merch is simply a personal thing”

Tibor Jurisa
CEO and founder of GoMerch

Company culture

We are a group of enthusiasts who work hard to achieve the most ambitious goals. We respect each other and support each other. We discuss openly and are not afraid to voice our opinions. New ideas and innovations are welcomed and appreciated. We are always learning and improving because we believe that by doing so we are moving not only our company forward, but also ourselves. In addition to work-related matters, we enjoy spending time together over coffee, lunch or various shared activities such as skiing. Gradually we have become not only colleagues, but above all friends.

Vision and plans for the future

Expanding our product range, services and market opportunities are the cornerstones of our company's growth strategy. Currently, our main focus is the expansion into international markets, the construction of new logistics centres and the expansion of production and administrative capacities. We are regularly investing in the modernisation of production technologies and internal systems, with the aim of becoming a market leader on a global level

Benefits for employees

We offer you modern office and production space, provide a quality working environment and foster a friendly atmosphere. Our efforts are directed towards your personal growth and development, as we place emphasis on the education, health and well-being of our employees. In addition, we offer a rich reward program and regularly organize various events and happenings. At GoMerch, the satisfaction of every team member is important to us. We are united by strong friendships based on mutual support, trust and respect. We all pull together to achieve our common goals

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Working area


Merch for influencers and celebrities

Complete merchandising under one roof - from design to e-commerce creation to customer service.

Production of promotional items for companies

Printed t-shirts or original gifts - we offer dozens of items to delight your clients.