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Customer service

Sales representative:

Viliam Bielik

Sales representative:

Tibor Jurisa

Please prefer the email communicaton.

Complaint form for written communication is available here.

Complaints address:

GoMerch s.r.o.
Skala 611/22
Ilava, 019 01

Complaints address (for Czech Republic):

GoMerch s.r.o.
Srbská 53
Brno, 612 00
Česká Republika


GoMerch s. r. o.
Šafárikovo námestie 7, 811 02, Bratislava
IČ: 36744034
DIČ: 2022326834
IČ DPH: SK2022326834

We are a VAT payer
The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Trenčín, Section: Sro, Insert ID: 28575 / R